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Hardcore camping in the woods

Bigfoot, Texas, United States

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  • 5 personen


Over deze micro camping

This patch of woods is perfect for anyone wanting to test their mettle. Wild hogs, coyotes, rattlesnakes, black widows, scorpions, mosquitos, chiggers, barbed wire, cactus, etc. This is old, American Indian land, so who knows if there's spirits back there too. The area is small (maybe 5 acres), but secluded so bring a good book. You should -definitely- whittle yourself a good, long stick if you want to walk around. If you get into serious trouble, we're only a couple of acres away and can call 911 or try to get you to a hospital. (Bring your own insurance as you will have to sign a release of liability for us). Welcome to south-central Texas. We live here but have never stayed in the woods on the back of our property. Absolutely no one under the age of 15. (Under 18 must be with a legal adult.)


  • Maak je kampvuur
  • Bos
  • Alleen op de wereld

Plek voor

  • Bring your own tent

Beschikbaar ja of nee

  • Drinkwater
  • Sanitaire voorzieningen
  • Huisdieren toegestaan
  • Toilet
  • RV aansluiting
  • Picknicktafel
  • BBQ
  • Douche
  • Warm water
  • Elektriciteit
  • Kampvuur mogelijk
  • Sportsgear
  • Gas (formuis)
  • Extra toilet papier :-)


#1. No children, it's too dangerous.
#2. Leave only your footprints on the land. NO TRASH. I can give you a trash can to take back there with you.
3. You can bring two dogs at the most, but I suggest only one because it's much easier to keep only one safe from the elements.
4. There's a private shower and toilet in the old bunkhouse, which also has electricity, but it's a few acres away from where you'll be camping.
5. Bring your own supplies.
6. We are happy to provide you with firewood for two dollars per night, or for free if you chop up more or use whatever is in the woods. Campfire is fine but no bonfires.
7. If Momma is here and cooking supper, we can feed you (supper only) for ten dollars a head. Momma's food is amazing, for real.

Hoe bereik je de micro camping

Space can be reached by car to a certain extent. You'll have to pack in by an acre or two to get off the path.

Zo check je in en uit

To check in and out, hardcore guest can text or call me.

Activiteiten in de buurt

  • Wandelen
  • Wildlife spotten

€40.00 per nacht

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